About Us

Welcome to CryoHelpers, where we help cryotherapy centers and spas worldwide sell more packages without slashing their prices.

Who Are We

We are a small team of cryo enthusiasts with a passion for helping other passionate business owners. Our passion and commitment is exactly what makes CryoHelpers the #1 marketing and consulting agency EXCLUSIVE to the cryotherapy and cryoslimming industry.

Our Mission

We’ve made it our mission to save the cryotherapy industry from devaluing itself to make up for lack of:


Sales Skills

Sales Strategy

Employee Training

What We Do

We help every step of the way to make sure your center/spa is bringing in enough leads – with a sales system that allows you to work ON your business rather than IN your business.

About the Founder

Kristian Catalano

Kristian is a passion driven optimist from the sporadic city of Las Vegas. At the age of 10 Kristian and his family faced bankruptcy after the recession and was forced to move from their home in Las Vegas to the humble town of Tyler, Texas. From lemonade stands, mowing yards, and fundraisers to creating the #1 cryotherapy marketing agency in America, Kristian firmly believes passion for his work and willingness to go the extra mile has always been his driving factor of success.

Our Market-Tested Process


Situation Analysis

From the very first point of contact our team instantly begins taking in as much information as possible to get a complete understanding of your business before recommending a course of action.


Internal Sales Structuring

To ensure the best ROI possible for our clients CryoHelpers will not begin a campaign until they’ve completed our Accelerator Program – the #1 sales training program in the body contouring industry.


Campaign Development

Once you’re ready to start scaling and bringing on new clients our team of highly-skilled account managers and copywriters will begin crafting your campaign.


Complete Employee Training

While our team is working on your campaign, you and your employees will receive full training on all software, procedures, and applications via a 24/7 online training portal so your employees (current and future) are ready to hit the ground running.


Launch Day

With a controlled daily ad spend we start launch day with hundreds of digital ad variants and split tests in search for the perfect campaign.


Test. Optimize. Repeat.

Since the market is always evolving and Facebook is always updating it’s algorithms,  steady results can never be fully guaranteed. This is why we too are always evolving, so when the market or algorithm shifts and results slow,  we have a healthy supply of backup campaigns ready to go.

Why choose us?

We believe that education and correct expectations are two reasons why our campaigns preform so well. This is why we offer 24×7 employee training on all software and programs 100% FREE.

The CryoHelpers Accelerator Program is a 3 week mentorship program specific to selling higher CryoSlimming packages. 7-8 days of detailed training on how to structure your internal sales system. SHARPLY decrease learning curve and put an end to wasted consultations.

CryoHelpers has been exclusively working in the cryotherapy and cryoslimming industry since 2018 with Kristian and Alex alone having over 6 years of collective marketing experience. 

Average Cost Per Lead
Happy Clients
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